Frequently Asked Questions

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WiPowerOne has aftermarket solutions to charge any type of electric vehicle wirelessly by retrofitting a vehicle.

Our wireless EV charging system transfers power with high efficiency in range of 90~95% from grid to battery. It is equivalent to the efficiency of plug-in charger.

It is safe. Our products and technology adhere to global safety standards and have passed EMI (Electromagnetic resonance), EMF (Electromagnetic field) and electrical safety tests.


WiPowerone’s wireless charging sends power through magnetic resonance which is not affected by weather conditions. Wireless charging works even when there is mud, ice, water, or leaves. 

WiPowerOne’s wireless power charging system has sensors to detect foreign objects and living objects. The system automatically stops charging when those objects detected.


For wireless smartphone charging, inductive charging technology is used. It can transfer only small power level in close contact. WiPowerOne’s wireless power charging uses magnetic resonance. It allows to transfer high power level wirelessly over distances with spatial freedom.