How it works

The transmitter pad sends electric power to the receiver pad wirelessly through magnetic resonance.
The received electric power is rectified and transferred to the battery of the electric vehicle.


OLEV is the name of our core technology developed by KAIST. It is the world's first commercial application for stationary and dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles.

Our technology was recognized by reputable medias.

International standards compliance and participation

WiPowerOne complies with international standards for wireless power charging. We are actively participating in international standard committees.

Competitiveness of WiPowerOne

  • Technology for Dynamic, Semi-dynamic, and Stationary wireless EV charging

    Our technology is applicable to charging vehicles while stationary as well as while driving.

  • Aftermarket solutions for all types of EVs

    Easy to install on any type of electric vehicle

  • High efficiency of power transfer over 90% even in vehicles with various ground clearances
  • Strength in High power, Fast charging
  • Wide charging area

    Provide wider charging area than the global standard. Charging is possible even in parking deviations

  • Competitive size, weight and cost of the receiver pad

    Our patented technology enables to make a cost-effective and smaller charging component on a vehicle

  • Rich experiences in commercial application