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We keep working on development of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles and robots.

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WiPowerOne provides wireless charging solutions for various types of electric vehicles and robots.

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WiPowerOne at 'NextRise 2024': Wireless EV charging solution for a passenger car

WiPowerOne participated in the NextRise 2024, which was held for two days from June 13th to 14th. At the exhibition, WiPowerOne introduced 'High power wireless EV charging system for a passenger car' to visitors. The 'NextRise' is one of the largest start-up exhibitions in Korea, and it has been hosted by the Korea International Trade Association(KITA) and the KDB Bank since 2019.


This year's exhibition featured 1,500 domestic and foreign startups in various fields to introduce their technologies and companies, and through 1:1 Meetup, the main program of the exhibition, 30 corporates and 90 venture capitals(VC) gathered to discuss investment and business opportunities with startups. 


WiPowerOne attended the exhibition as a startup recommended by LG Electronics and showcased its "100kW High-Speed Wireless Charging System for Electric passenger car" at the booth. WiPowerOne gained attention from various industry partners and investors.


WiPowerOne provides wireless charging systems for various types of electric vehicles such as △ electric buses △ electric trucks △ electric passenger car △ robots. In particular, it targets to lead the era of high-speed wireless charging for a passenger car by developing a technology that can significantly reduce the size and weight of the receiver pad that is attached under the vehicle. 

WiPowerOne participated in 'SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024'
WiPowerOne participated in Asia's largest Startup conference 'SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024' held in Tokyo for 2 days from May 15th to 16th. 
'SusHi' stands for 'Sustainable High City Tokyo'. 'SusHi Tech Tokyo' aims to establish sustainable new values by leveraging diverse ideas and cutting-edge technology to address urban challenges.

At this exhibition, WiPowerOne introduced its wireless high-power(100kW) EV charging system for a passenger car and attracted attention from related industry parties. 

WiPowerOne's high-power/fast wireless EV charging solution enables to reduce the size, weight, and cost of the receiver pad which is attached under the car. Thus, it is expected that WiPowerOne can expedite the production of electric passenger cars with wireless power charging system embedded.

WiPowerOne also attended the side event, 'Mobility Matsuri' hosted by The Drivery on May.16th and used it as an opportunity to introduce its wireless power charging solutions for electric vehicles. 
WiPowerOne Installed Korea's First Electric Truck Wireless Charging Infrastructure

WiPowerOne completed the installation of Korea's first wireless charging infrastructure for electric delivery trucks at three distribution centers in Korea.

WiPower One installed wireless charging systems for 15 trucks that can charge the vehicle wirelessly within an hour while a worker is loading and unloading cargo to and from a last-mile delivery truck. The transmitter pads are buried under the ground of the workplace, so that space can be used efficiently without disturbing the workflow. Also, it can save time and cost for charging since the vehicle is charged wirelessly while parked during work. Wireless charging infrastructure does not require charging guns or cable maintenance, and does not require a canopy, so it has low maintenance costs and high economic feasibility from a long-term perspective.

Through this project, WiPowerOne hopes that the wireless charging infrastructure for electric trucks will be widely known and applied to logistics and distribution industries to create an eco-friendly delivery environment.

WiPowerOne to showcase high power wireless EV charging technology at CES2024
WiPowerOne will participate in 'CES 2024', the world's largest technology exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA, from January 9th to 12th, 2024.

WiPowerOne will introduce its 100kW wireless EV charging system for passenger cars made with its cutting-edge technology in 'CES 2024'. WiPowerOne participates in CES for two consecutive years following 2023. 
WiPowerOne recently developed the high-speed wireless EV charging system for electric passenger cars. The product can transfer power wireressly at higher power density in the same area thus it enables to innovatively reduce the size, weight, and volume of the receiver pad in the system. WiPowerOne solved the issue that It has not been easy to adopt wireless EV charging in a passenger car due to size and volume of the receiver pad. It is expected that WiPowerOne's technology can serve as an opportunity to open the era of high-speed wireless charging for electric vehicles.

At this "CES 2024", WiPowerOne will showcase the real-size mock up of the receiver pad and the transmitter pad of the 100kW wireless EV charging system.
WiPowerOne's booth is located in the Eureka Park (booth number #63339).